Workshop 5

الجمهوريــــة الجزائريـــــة الديمقراطيـــــــــة الشعبيـــــة
People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
وزارة التعليـم العالــي و البحث العلمـي
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
جامعـة الاخوة منتوري قسنطينة
Brothers Mentouri University of Constantine
كلية العلوم الدقيقة قسم الرياضيات
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Exact Sciences


مخبر الرياضيات التطبيقية والنمذجة

Applied Mathematics & Modeling Laboratory


Wednesday, October 11, 2023

15h10-15h30. Safa NAIR: Machine Learning Applications in Rare Diseases.
University of Constantine 1.

13h30-13h50. Sofiane CHEMAA: A Graph Coloring Approach Based on a Sequential Parallel Colorings Algorithm. University of Constantine 1.

13h50-14h10. Takieddine LOMBARKIA: Vision Transformers for Detecting Colorectal Cancer. University of Setif 1.

12h10-12h30. Kamal HAMAZ: A Deep Learning-Based System for early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease and its Severity.  University of Constantine 2.

10h50-11h10. Zina BOUSSAHA: Analysis of retrial fuzzy queue. Military Academy of Cherchell DPHB.

14h50-15h10. Aya BOUCHAAR: Integration of neural networks into electronic sentinels for intelligent environmental management. University of Constantine 1.

14h30-14h50. Ouissal SADOUNI: Tailoring e-learning with recommender systems : Challenges and future directions.  University of Constantine 2.

14h10-14h30. Nabila AISSANI: The application of AIoT to secure oil and gas pipelines. University of Constantine 1.

11h30-11h50. Sarra SOUALHI: Method for Indexing of Still Images. Military Academy of Cherchell DPHB.

11h50-12h10. Salheddine SADOUNI:  Utilizing Artificial Neural Network for Enhanced Monitoring and Forecasting of Air Pollution in Electronic Station Networks.
University of Constantine 1.

11h10-11h30. Farida ACHEMINE: Z-Equilibrium Strategy for Bimatrix Games with Fuzzy Random payoffs. University of Tizi-Ouzou.

10h30-10h50. Abderraouf MESSAI: Securing banking transactions with AI. University of Constantine 1.