Workshop 3

الجمهوريــــة الجزائريـــــة الديمقراطيـــــــــة الشعبيـــــة
People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
وزارة التعليـم العالــي و البحث العلمـي
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
جامعـة الاخوة منتوري قسنطينة
Brothers Mentouri University of Constantine
كلية العلوم الدقيقة قسم الرياضيات
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Exact Sciences


مخبر الرياضيات التطبيقية والنمذجة

Applied Mathematics & Modeling Laboratory


Wednesday, October 11, 2023

12h10-12h30. Zohra DJERIDI: Conditional power, predictive power and prediction of satisfaction in experimental trials with continuous endpoints. University of Jijel.

11h30-11h50. Meriem MADI: Complete second-order moment rate's of sequences of real random variables.  University of Jijel.

14h30-14h50. Soundes MEKKI: Unveiling Patterns: Exploring Data with Restricted Boltzmann Machines. University of Constantine 1.

10h50-11h10. Kheireddine BOUDEHANE: Preventive maintenance in a K-out-of-M +W +C :G system through GSPN. USTHB.

13h30-13h50. Zineb AZOUZ: Computations in Bayesian networks and Interpretation of factors. University of Constantine 1.

11h50-12h10. Samia TOUMI: Weak Convergence of kernel copula estimators under twice censoring. University of Biskra.

14h50-15h10. Ryma DOUAS: Simulating the Regression Function with Twice Censored Data Using Wavelets. Higher School of Accounting and Finance of Constantine.

13h50-14h10. Chima HEDADJI: Approximation for an M/M/1 retrial queuing system according to a constant retrial policy with interruption service and orbital search.
University of Annaba.

11h10-11h30. Zineb HEBBACHE: Stochastic SIRDS model with fractional Brownian motion. National School of Public Works, Kouba.

10h30-10h50. Khelifa BERKANE: Stochastic SIRDS  model with fractional Brownian motion. University of Saida.

14h10-14h30. Hanane BEGHRICHE: The algorithms for 2D MA RIF identification based on higher order statistic alone. University of Constantine 3.