Workshop 2

الجمهوريــــة الجزائريـــــة الديمقراطيـــــــــة الشعبيـــــة
People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
وزارة التعليـم العالــي و البحث العلمـي
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
جامعـة الاخوة منتوري قسنطينة
Brothers Mentouri University of Constantine
كلية العلوم الدقيقة قسم الرياضيات
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Exact Sciences


مخبر الرياضيات التطبيقية والنمذجة

Applied Mathematics & Modeling Laboratory


Wednesday, October 11, 2023

11h50-12h10. Radhia HALILOU: Numerical Analysis of Stochastic Partial Differential Equation with Anisotropic Diffusion. University of Annaba.

14h10-14h30. Abdelkader BOUADI: Periodic solutions of a minimization problems for macroeconomic growth models. University of Skikda.

12h10-12h30. Ikram BOUKHELKHAL: Bernoulli polynomials and their application in solving optimal control problem. University of Bordj Bou Arreridj.

11h10-11h30. Wafa BOUGUERN: A DC algorithm for solving linear bilevel programming problem. University of Bordj Bou Arreridj.

13h50-14h10. Aicha KRARIA: Central path method based on an equivalent algebraic transformation for convex optimization. University of Setif 1.

10h30-10h50. Skander ARIS: Artificial Intelligence for optimizing data security.
University of Constantine 1.

14h30-14h50. Rayene Abir MESKINE: Qualitative Properties and Adaptive Controller of A New Hyperchaotic Lü System With Exponential Non Linearity. University center of Mila.

10h50-11h10. Nadir REZZOUG: On a Primitive Sequence of any Degree.
University of Tiaret.

15h10-15h30. Asma ZEHANI: The Internet of Things and Neural Networks for the Implementation of an Intelligent Energy Management Approach.
University of Constantine 1.

11h30-11h50. Amina HALLAL: A new method for minimization of unconstrainted optimization problems. University of Souk Ahras.

14h50-15h10. Okba ABID CHAREF: Modeling, Optimization, and Control of Non-Conventional Dynamic Vibration Absorber with Negative Stiffness using Chebyshev's Equioscillation theorem. National Polytechnic School Constantine.

13h30-13h50. Soraya REKKAB: Reduction of the effect of any disturbance with respect to the gradient observation regionally. University of Constantine 1.